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Our Tips on
How to Swallow Pills Whole!


I've always had a problem since a child swallowing pills
whole.  When possible I crushed them and mixed them
in apple sauce.  If they were really horrible tasting, then
I'd mix them in jam!


Unfortunately, some of the newer medications are in capsules and the directions state "Do not crush or chew. Take whole."

Now what?


Here are some successful ways I've managed to swallow medications down in one gulp fast and quick.


1.  You know what they say? "There's always room
*Jell-O!"  That's true.  Take a big scoop of Jell-O and put it into your mouth along with your pill. If you psychologically need to chew, work the Jell-O for a few minutes and then swallow.  It goes down pretty fast for me. This works great for capsules that do not taste too horrible.


2.  For swallowing medication that is foul tasting even as a pill, then another thing I do is use canned peaches.
Those canned peaches come in such slippery sauce!
So take a section of a canned peach and shove it in your mouth with the pill and chew a bit on the peach and then gulp.  It usually goes right down with the peach.


3.  Some people recommend peanut butter. I find that it's too sticky and ends up stuck on the roof of my mouth or in the back and never goes down.


4.  In some cases, tapioca *pudding and some custards also help you slide down a pill.  


5.  Ice cream also helps but it has to be done fast before it melts. Ice cream with stuff inside (i.e. Ben & Jerry's "Chubby Hubby" with pretzels etc.) helps better because you chewing the pretzels before you swallow and your mind doesn't think about the pill.


* The good thing about some Jell-O and puddings today is that they come premade in containers that need no refrigeration. This is great for taking to work, school or on trips when you need to take your pill. They're easy to pack!  


Good luck. Stay Healthy!
Do what the doctor orders!

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