All of these poems were written by Brownielocks.
So they should not be on any other website but this one!
They are all copyrighted.

They are also  all child-safe poems.


Ode to a Pumpkin

I think that I shall never see,
A pumpkin so big as a tree.
A gourd that I could gut and carve
Providing food so I'd never starve.
A pumpkin so big it would be
The scariest Jack-O-Lantern all would see.
Or, I could live in it every day
Until it all would rot away.
Oh, it would be so grand to own
The biggest pumpkin ever grown.
But, it would cost to much I fret
So, I must buy what I can get.


Happy Little Pumpkins

Happy little pumpkins
Growing big and thick
Wondering which ones
Will they choose to pick.

Happy little pumpkins
Wondering what they will be
Pie or brad or cookies
Or a Jack-O-Lantern so scary?


Pumpkin Pride

I went a bought a pumpkin
From Farmer Benny's Stand
He said it was the grandest
That ever grew on his land.

It was fourteen inches wide
And weighed thirty-two pounds.
And, it had a stem that twisted
All the way around.

I took it home and stared at it
To decide what I should do.
Should I carve a scary face;
Or, should I just carve "Boo!?"

Well, I took a knife and cut away
But it was not easy.
My scary mouth was upside down
And became a grin so cheesy.

My pumpkin is not scary
As I wanted it to be.
But, it's still the grandest pumpkin
In all the world to me!


(Here are some that are spoofs of nursery rhymes)


Mary had a little pumpkin
It was plump and round you know
And every night it would shine
A very shiny, yellow glow.

But one night it lost its light
And didn't shine no more.
So Mary took it off her porch
And returned it to the store.




Little Jack Bumpkin
Sat on his pumpkin
Eating his pretzels and beer.
Along came a baker
And said, "I'm a pie maker"
But, Jack looked at him with a sneer.
"You'll not have my gourd.
So put down your sword!"
Yelled Jack so all could hear.
"My gourd is for chunkin
And not for your oven.
Do I make myself clear?"




I'm a little pumpkin short and round
Here I am growing on the ground.
When I get much bigger, I will be found
In the Guinness World Book of Records
As the greatest gourd around!




The itsy bitsy pumpkin
Grew all along the stem.
Along came the rain
And grew the stem again.
Up came the sun
And grew the gourd so big.
And, the itsy bitsy pumpkin
Got picked by Farmer Swigg.




Old Mother Hubbard
Went to her cupboard
To get some fresh pumpkin pie.
But her pie was not there,
So she gave her husband a glare
And said, "You ate it. Don't lie!"




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