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Brownielocks and The 3 Bears

We present a few of some of the most popular and favorite songs for the Halloween season.

All songs are accompanied by animations!
Have fun while singing!


Monster Mash
Sung by Bobby "Boris" Picket. Accompanied by lots of monsters dancing.


Purple People Eater
Sung by Sheb Wooley.  
Accompanied by the little guy himself -- Mr. Purple People Eater.


Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes
Sung by  Lewis Lee.
  Accompanied by lots and lots of tomatoes with attitude.


Haunted House
Sung by Jumpin' Gene Simmons. 
Accompanied by a rockin' stompin' groovin' haunted house and some haints.

Witch Doctor
Written and Sung by Jerry Seville
Accompanied by one very hyper witch doctor!

Love Potion No. 9
Sung by ??
Accompanied by Madame Rue and Our Guy drinking the potion and throwing kisses.

Ghost Busters!
Written and Sung by Ray Parker, Jr.
Accompanied by a lot of ghosts!

The Blob
Written by Burt Bacharach
Orchestration by Mack Davis
Sung by "The 5 Blobs"
Accompanied by our blobby creature.


Dem Bones
Sung by ??
Accompanied by our own jangling, flexible skeleton.


Song on this page is the "Twilight Zone" theme.
Written by Marius Constant
Performed by The Neil Norman Orchestra

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