This page is a bit wordy. I apologize.
I tried to cover all prevention options & information on stealing website content besides offer the code.)


These two codes are not 100% effective.  
 In many cases, a few of the new browsers out there are immune to these codes.
Several Links have now  been removed due to the sites no longer being available.

But, that doesn't mean one can't try to stop stealing. I am now using the No Copy Text code (given below) and have also  installed a Custom Right Click Code Button. What's that? This gives visitors the right click they desire, but...  it's made your way.
So even if someone tries to use an alternate way, the "copy, paste, download, cache, etc." features are not there. The text isn't highlighted either for stealing text due to the other code.
Visitors  still get their right click, but it's not the basic browser style used for stealing.

 Another option? See my customized right click box with Links to our most visited areas. 
This custom Link box disappears if you then re-run your mouse over it.
I used this Custom Right Click Code, offered at  and then did some modifications to it for  The CRC Button isn't for every site that also uses the No Copy Text code.
 But together they work great IMHO.

 Use one code, two codes or none.
All our codes are simple, reliable and easy to install.

 "HTML No Right Click Code"  and "No Copy Text Code" (Java Script)

The No Right Click Stealing anti-Images code below will give an "Alert" warning to anyone who right clicks an image on your site. Don't believe me? Go to my site STOP COPYING SAMPLE PAGE  and do a right click.  ;)  You will get the alert warning I created. I also installed the new Anti-text copying on that page if you want to test it.

Note: It does not prevent stealing of thumbnails.
It doesn't work in all

 I make no claims to ownership rights and did not write any of these  codes.

Paste this  code  between the area <Head> and </Head>
Do not paste it in the body! It won't work.

Here are the 2 types of 
"No Right Click" Codes! 

Here is the one to prevent people from copying text.
(Good for protecting  information, stories, poems, etc. Prevents mouse highlighting.)

<script language="JavaScript1.2">
//Disable select-text script (IE4+, NS6+)- By Andy Scott
//Exclusive permission granted to Dynamic Drive to feature script
//Visit for this script
function disableselect(e){
return false
function reEnable(){
return true
//if IE4+
document.onselectstart=new Function ("return false")
//if NS6
if (window.sidebar){


Here is the one to prevent people from
 right-clicking to
copy images. 
The  pop-up message custom area is in RED. 
Insert your own name & other info in the red area of the code!


<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.1">
<!-- Original:  Martin Webb ( -->
<!-- This script and many more are available free online at -->
<!-- The JavaScript Source!! -->
<!-- Begin
function right(e) {
if (navigator.appName == 'Netscape' &&
(e.which == 3 || e.which == 2))
return false;
else if (navigator.appName == 'Microsoft Internet Explorer' &&
(event.button == 2 || event.button == 3)) {
alert("I'm sorry, The Right click option on your mouse has been disabled for the download window pages.");
return false;
return true;
if (document.layers) window.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN);
if (document.layers) window.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEUP);
//  End -->


Don't want Google's Image search to get your images?

We also offer the Internet Explorer Image Mouse Cursor removal code.---->

Click here to get the code and information to remove IE's tool bar.



Some people are simply blind to the Copyright Data at the bottom of a web page. So...

If you would like to place a warning image on one or more pages of your site and Link to this page as an additional warning or instead of the code, here is an animated button I made for you to use.
 Or use a word Link such as 

"Do Not Steal. Read This!"

Another Protection that I Use...

I have an account and I  embed a Digimarc code in my graphics art program into  EVERYTHING on my site.  This helps protect while not artistically junking  graphics with my name, etc. Here is the Link if you want to check it out?

This is not free!  You pay for it.
Cost is determined by how many 
images you watermark per year.

How to Report an Internet Theft
 or Copyright Violation of
YOUR Material.
Note: Information given below is not to be used to go around harassing other websites that they are plagiarizing "other people's works."  To me, it's up to the original author and the webmaster to work things out.  It's not up to a stranger or third party "on behalf of an author", with some hidden agenda, to go around tattling to websites'  ISPs.  

1. If the burglar is on a free hosting site such as Yahoo, Homestead, Angelfire, Tripod, MSN, ICQ,  etc. then report the site to that host, including both the URL's to them. Also provide an actual copy/paste of the listings as they appear on the search engine(s). Inform them of what was stolen. A graphic or photo only on the thief's site, an entire page that was transferred over, or just  some of the text on that page is really yours (i.e. Poem, Report, Craft Idea.) .

2.  If the site is a privately owned dot com name, then go to this URL and in the white block type in the dot com (or net, org) name
 ( i.e. and do a search. Surprised?
Webmasters can be found! 

After doing that, you will see a page showing:
Registrant (who bought the name)
Administrative Contact (who manages the site)
 and then far below
Domain Servers with their Domain Number!!

Click that number!

You will then be given the name of their host, address, e-mail, etc. Contact them about your theft.

Most hosting providers will not host sites that contain porn, hate, and copyright violations!

Also send a copy to your hosting site.


3. If you want, you can write the thief and ask them to take down their page. I personally don't recommend it, but it's your choice. The reason I don't is (1) We are the victim! We should not have to grovel for respect when we state our intentions with the block code on our page. (2) I want no record of an email in their box that they may alter to 'their' purpose with creative editing etc. Remember, if these people stole, their ethics are not to be trusted IMHO.

What will happen?

I can't promise you instant results, but I can tell you that these people are NOT fooling anyone.
 Nor are they gaining anyone's respect.  

If enough of us keep reporting this, something will be done!!


Finally, if you find a double listing that is plagiarism, and a copyright violation, always write the original webmaster. 
They will appreciate it.


This "No Right Click" code is not burglar-proof. But I personally highly recommend using it on your site. Why?
It shows that the webmaster tried with good intent to prevent a theft of their property and that the thief disrespected that anyway and stole.  After all, the person who doesn't lock his doors has little to complain about if he's burglarized. But if your locks are in place and you are still stolen from, at least it shows you made an honest attempt to prevent the theft.

(Note: Pages that are made from a free JavaScript program provided by another site are not plagiarism. An example is my Madame Bearini  Love Tester of the Net.  That JavaScript was free for anyone to use. So all similar pages on-line that use it, are not plagiarism.  The graphic cartoon of Madame Bearini, however is MINE and isn't to be copied.  So, please make sure you have a legitimate copyright violation before you report it!)



Stealing another website's content won't get your site listed or a higher ranking.
 I also feel it wastes people's time to click the same information on different domains. 

I also do not accept the excuse, "If you don't want it stolen then don't put it on the net."  Nice try, but... That's as lame as saying, "If you don't want to be robbed, don't have money."

My Website vs. Yours
 I consider my website like a museum that is owned by a private collector who displays their collection for the public to see and enjoy, where you go to look at the art, but you can't take it home with you.  Sure, it's possible to steal from the museum a piece of art you like.  But does that make it OK? No!

So just because my site is on the web, does not excuse those who have the software and intelligence to steal.

You may have a website and not care at all if someone takes something. 
 But, please don't expect me to not care just because you don't care. 

Most of us webmasters who create our own original artworks are giving the world permission to VIEW, but not to creatively (and emotionally) VIOLATE us by stealing our work.


This site does a great job of debunking all the "excuse" people use who have stolen images and just how illegal it is.  It is a crime! 10 Big Myths About Copyrights Explained by Brad Templeton



This site offers advice on filing for a copyright with the Copyright Office.

I also recommend this site for anyone who thinks those "Fan Sites" are legal!  They say it so well here.."Not only do many fan sites use copyrighted photos and images without permission, they also seem to have a penchant for swiping images from each other and then fighting over who has the right to the images. There's been a lot of "I stole it first, so it's mine."

This goes for photos of movie stars, rock singers,  to cartoon images such as Looney Tunes (Toons?), Winnie The Pooh, and all Disney characters as examples.


The Scoop Net

Recommended for
webmasters who have
a "Fan Site."


If a site is up long enough, it will be a victim of theft. 
 This means yours! 

Help Stop Plagiarism & take a byte out of crime!

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