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United States (American) Flags, Patriotic Themes, 
Red, White and Blue Designs

Due to the terrorist attacks on the US on 9/11/2001 I've been asked to create more designs.
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There are
many more  new images so I've now made an additional page with
more flags, etc.


Note: Patriotic & Military themes  are all a part of page 8 extensions:

Page 8A, Page 8B, Page 8C, Page 8D, Page 8E, Page 8F
 Page 8G
(Confederate Flags)



US Flag with Splats


Very Soft Muted American Flag

Flag & Heart

Flag with Cross

Patriotic Blue Love

Patriotic Love2

Happy Flag

Sad US Flag



2 Red Patriotic Dribbles

Red Blue Dribble Tile

US Flag

Flag and USA

Eyes Crying Patriotism

Patriotic Blue Dribble

Red & Blue Waves

God Bless USA

Patriotic Smiles

4th of July Fireworks PLAID

Patriotic Red Dribble

Abstract Flag

Red and Blue Bars

Patriotic Plaid

Patriotic Splats

Flag Stripes

Wet Wavy Muted Flag TILE

Watery Flag with Splats TILE

Abstract Flag Wave TILE

Abstract Squiggle Flag Wave TILE

God Bless the USA with Cross

Abstract Wavy Flag

Red Blue Squiggle TILE

Red Blue X Wave

Red Blue X Wave TILE

Tree with US Flag Left

Tree with US Flag Right

Patriotic Cross
Fixed Background

Patriotic Cross
Quarter Page

Patriotic Cross
Teensy Tile

Patriotic Cross
Half Page

Patriotic Cross with Splats
Fixed Background

Patriotic Cross with Splats 
Quarter Page

Patriotic Cross with Splats 
Teensy Tile

Patriotic Cross with Splats
Half Page

Red White and Blue Ribbon
Fixed Backgrounds

 Patriotic, Yellow and other Ribbons are really on Page 3.

I have a sample of the ribbon here, but to save loading I moved all Red, White and Blue Ribbons Full and Tile to Page 3.

Patriotic Teddy Bear TILE

More Patriotic Bears on our Teddy Bear Pages

Pages 62 and
Page 62B

Flag with Peace Sign
Other version
Page 71

Muted Flag and Peace Sign
Other version
Page 71

Wet Flag and Peace Sign
Other version
Page 71

Flag, Peace and Splats
Other version
Page 71

For all Hippies,
Peace Signs and Flower Power are also on 
Page 6.
These symbols  are the original peace signs shown on
 this page.

Flag and Cross

Waving Flag

Smiling Flag

Bleeding Heart Flag

Hearts of America

Hearts & Flags

Colors of Racial America Flag

American Children Flag

We're # 1
USA Flag
(Good for Olympics or Sports?)

Morse Code

US Flag with Star of David

 In our Jewish Symbols area, we have a few US Flags with Star of David crosses + our watercolor version of the Israeli Flag.

Visit Page 60

We have a lot of red and blue designs all over. I just picked out the ones that were to me the most patriotic.

Patriotic Christmas
Watercolor Backgrounds
Pages 8B and 8C

I made a few watercolor Special Forces, (Special Operations or Snipers?), Green Beret soldiers for those who want to do honors and memorial pages.

We've worked the traditional camouflage colors into several watercolor designs for those that want military sites but not flags.
 For those who want to do pages for military themes   but don't want flags . I made watercolor camouflage backgrounds.
Page 8A

Below are two horizontal tiles for those that like a different look.
(Creates image all along left side like stationery border?)

Flag Horizontal Tile

Flag Horizontal with Splats Tile

Smiling Flag H Tile

Softly Muted American Flag H TILE


There's a lot of flag etiquette and flag rules pages. Ours has a lot of graphics to help you visualize the rules. We also made a flag-folding animation.

Click Here!
This is our dedication to all who died on
September 11, 2001.


To see how we used some of these backgrounds, go to our "Patriotic" Pages.

God Bless the USA! Sing along (Midi)
God Bless the USA Sing Along (Wave)
Sing along with Lee Greenwood! 
Warning: Wave files are 10x larger than midis. So, this page is slower to load.

God Bless America! Sing along.
60's War Songs Sing Alongs

We  have patriotic midis on many of Patriotic topic  pages and
  providing the lyrics if you want to sing along?
Some songs we know you already know the words anyway!


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also see  We made unique cards from our watercolor BGs.  All occasions!

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