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Let me begin by saying that in no way am I promoting or encouraging anything that is satanic or worse by offering these images. I was asked by a Wiccan believer to create a pentacle over a flag.  Being a Christian, I had to take time to think and pray about doing it.  Then I checked out a couple of reference sites. At this site it clearly states that the Wiccan religion in no way worships satan.   Their basic fundamental philosophy is to "harm no one" as you live. 

Their symbol, the pentacle is often confused with the pentagram.
In fact, I erroneously labeled these images pentagrams when they are in fact,  Wiccan pentacles. The pentagram is like a pentacle, just slightly askew.  (The top peak is off to the right or left).

Then I went on-line and searched for the meaning of the pentacle.  It was then that I discovered that is was a symbol to protect against evil, not for evil. And that each of the 5 points represented:

(See how the top point is directly north? A pentagram doesn't have a top peak. )

 I was also told that  Wicca belief states that the color of the pentacle means different things, none of which were evil in my viewpoint.  This is why I painted them in the different colors.  Unfortunately white on white paper did not work, so I had to paint the white pentagram against black. By doing this I was not intending to be evil.  I just wanted it to show up.

Here are the pentacle color properties as I was told:

Black -wisdom, guidance, protection.
Purple -spirituality and psychism.
Blue -communication.
Green -healing, prosperity, fertility.
Yellow -happiness, success.
Orange -creativity.
Red -strong emotion, passion. Red can be used to add extra energy to any working.
Pink -romantic love, compassion.
White -Innocence, manifestation, general purpose.

I decided to create the following images for a few reasons. 
1. We live in a country that gives each of its citizens religious freedom. 
Therefore, I feel Wiccans (or witches) have as much right to feel patriotism for this country as any other religion.  Even atheists can love the USA and not a God. 
2.  The beliefs as I understood them of the Wiccan religion and their love of nature, the sun and moon,  over a divine God etc. to me paralleled with a lot of the beliefs of our Native American Indians, who worship more on a nature level than Deity one.  And no one considers those to be of evil nature.

3.  I went on-line and checked how others did Wiccan backgrounds and clipart. I discovered all of them were done with a dark side tone. And, in some cases I felt literally hi-jacked the Wicca beliefs towards evil erroneously.  I mean, if their message is "to harm no one" then why are there so many images connected to it with blood, (as if harming was done), skulls, etc. ? So...

4.  I wanted to present a bright side to what others have chosen to perceive as a dark side!

Finally, I apologize for all this wordiness but I wanted to avoid emails asking me how I can be a children's site or a Christian and paint pentacles?
I am not a Wiccan. I am not promoting the religion. But as an artist I try to be fair to all sides. I did Jewish images, Christian Images and felt I could do non-satanic pentacles and images for Wiccans. After all, someone has to! ;)

Orange Muted Pentacle

Red Muted

Yellow Muted Pentacle

Pink Muted Pentacle

Blue Muted Pentacle

Black Muted Pentacle

Green Muted Pentacle

Purple Muted Pentacle


White Pentacle on Black

Pentacle Tiled on Left

Earthtone Pentacle Tile Left

Pentacle & Crescent Moon Left Tile

Moonlight Tree

Moonlight Tree Right (reverse)

Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon 2
(cropped edges)

Flag with Orange Pentacle

Flag with White Pentacle

Flag with Pink Pentacle

Flag with Red Pentacle

Flag with Green Pentacle

Flag with Purple Pentacle

Flag with Blue Pentacle

Flag with Yellow Pentacle

Flag with Black Pentacle

Flag with Sun and Crescent Moon


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