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Watercolor Tiles
Tiles are on pages
48, 49, 50, 51, and 52.

Because some of you want the watercolor look, but want less file sizes (or faster loading?) I made a few pages of tiles in various styles.

Let me say that watercolor tiles are very difficult to make seamless because of the special character of each one, drying, shading etc.  Although I do my best to keep all images as natural as possible, these tiles are only 95% as is.

To help make them as seamless as I could, I painted the edges white and removed any paper textures, shadings, dribbles or strokes that ran to the edges.

Watercolor patterns for tiles are limited due to not wanting seams.
Some of these work great for pages.
Some I think are best used only as images inside of tables if your page editor allows that?  Here is an example:

This is Tile 45.
It is more of a block style.`
It will go on a page, but to me
fits best inside a table.
Block Styles work best as special designs inside tables against plainer backgrounds IMHO. Images used inside tiles still require a credit button on the actual page the table is.

All tiles are quarter-page style and are 390x212
Link Images distort reality.


Tile 1

Tile 2

Tile 3

Tile 4

Tile 5

Tile 6

Tile 7

Tile 8

Tile 9

Tile 10

Tile 11

Tile 12

Tile 13

Tile 14

Tile 15

Tile 16

Tile 17

Tile 18

Tile 19

Tile 20





Our Rules:
I've found it necessary to place this on all pages.
Many do not enter via the main page.  For those that do, I apologize for the redundancy.

PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO MY IMAGES! Download them and put them in your own directory.


1. You must place Our Credit Button on your page; OR, If you use a word link, it has to be legible. I'm discovering sites using my images and NO CREDIT! :(

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2. These backgrounds are for personal homepages only (unless written permission is given by me.)

3. They are not to be used for commercial use or any profit.
This means only I can use them to create products for sale if I wish. But, not YOU!  wink.gif


4. They are not to be taken from this site and presented on any other internet page of any kind; or redistributed in any way!  I've found several of my images on two other watercolor background sites!!!  They have been cropped and enhanced but they are still my images. This is a violation of the DMCA!


5. They are not to be altered, edited, overlaid, etc. from their original look and claimed as original works by another. (Remember, I own the originals on paper!) Resizing to fit larger monitors is allowed if done proportionately.

6. For aesthetic reasons, I did not clutter these up with my name or copyright.  But all images (link buttons and files) are embedded with a digital watermark from:

also see  We made unique cards from our watercolor BGs.  All occasions!

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