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Watercolor Rainbow Art
These backgrounds were made using a technique originally invented by Dr. Laszlo Szekely (of Sweden?) and patented in the US in 1994.  This new type of watercolor design is created by having 7 basic rainbow colors (large disks) in a tray and then you rub a wet sponge-like brush over catching up to 4 colors at once.  The brush can best be described like a squeegee used for cleaning windows? SEE A PHOTO!
This is less messy than normal brush style painting and if you really look, many images will appear as

The following were done with their recommended paper and brushes which made shadows.

If I was part of a product testing group, my only criticism of this watercolor style is that they DO NOT allow you to re-arrange the color discs to create more variety options. The discs are glued very strongly into the trays and can't be moved around for more variety. :(

So you are limited in the color arrangements and only picking up a max of 4 at a time.
Color Intensity is determined by amount of water and pressure.
No two are the same!

The images I did using this tray with my own watercolor paper and sponge are on Pages 33 & 34

1 Long Rainbow TILE

1 Long Rainbow
(Full Screen)

2 Short Rainbows TILES

2 Short Rainbows
 (Full Screen)

3 Rainbows

Rainbow on Pink Construction Paper

Horizontal Vertical Rainbows

Rainbow Discs

Rainbow Discs

Rainbow Tube

Rainbow Tube 

Rainbow Zig Zag

Rainbow Scallops

Rainbow Wedges

Rainbow Box

3 Rainbow Boxes

Rainbow Waterfall

Large Rainbow Zig Zag

Large Rainbow Squiggle

Rainbow Dabs and Discs

Rainbow Disc Squiggle

Rainbow Disc Squiggle - TILE

Rainbow Daisies

Rainbow Pinwheels

Rainbow Pinwheels - TILE

More Rainbow Art Continued on Page 32.


Note:  Some backgrounds are very color intensive. So if you have difficulty finding a font & text color that shows up, then I suggest you put all your information in a table with coordinating colors to match the background image.

Our Rules:
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1. You must place Our Credit Button on your page; OR, If you use a word link, it has to be legible. I'm discovering sites using my images and NO CREDIT! :(

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2. These backgrounds are for personal homepages only (unless written permission is given by me.)

3. They are not to be used for commercial use or any profit.
This means only I can use them to create products for sale if I wish. But, not YOU!  wink.gif


4. They are not to be taken from this site and presented on any other internet page of any kind; or redistributed in any way!  I've found several of my images on two other watercolor background sites!!!  They have been cropped and enhanced but they are still my images. This is a violation of the DMCA!


5. They are not to be altered, edited, overlaid, etc. from their original look and claimed as original works by another. (Remember, I own the originals on paper!) Resizing to fit larger monitors is allowed if done proportionately.

6. For aesthetic reasons, I did not clutter these up with my name or copyright.  But all images (link buttons and files) are embedded with a digital watermark from:

also see  We made unique cards from our watercolor BGs.  All occasions!

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