Stop the Internet Explorer
Image Tool Bar on Your Website!


Place this code between the <head> and </head> of your page.


<META HTTP-EQUIV="imagetoolbar" CONTENT="no">



1.   Since I have a bunch of useless meta tags on my site, I thought I'd save time and just use Front Page's "Find and Replace" feature by substituting the <META NAME="language" content="English" with this image tool bar code and save myself a lot of pasting time. After all, if the title is in English well the site is in English, duh? ;)

But, It did not work after doing it that way.

So I don't recommend doing this with any replace code program.
(Or please do a test first!)

2.  But, after it copied and pasted it via Note Pad and on it's own line away from the other meta tag groups it worked. If you go to my View Source, you'll see where it is located on this page.  It stands alone with blank lines before and after it.

So the Mouse Image on IE is removed on this page.  
Below is an image to test.  Put your mouse over it and see if you get the bar.


3.  What I have also noticed is that on some pages the Internet Explorer (IE) image tool bar doesn't appear on some images even if the code isn't on the page. Why is this?

It's because the image is 200x200 pixels or smaller.
Or, the image is embedded in mapping code.
(Just use  USEMAP or ISMAP within the image tag and image toolbar will not appear.)
Or, it's a background image.

Here is our link back to our main page about plagiarism called "StopCopying" that offers our  NO RIGHT CLICK HTML CODE.

Because this is a graphic with a link,  you won't see the image bar. But then we do have the code installed, so I void out my own point. :(


I guess the only way to prove my assumption is to visit sites without the code and place your mouse over their images with and without links and see what happens.  I don't have time to test it all out, but this is what it seems like for me.  I use IE and I also have DSL so what I experience and what happens when you do it might not be the same.

Remember, people can still get to images via Google's Image search features, so please don't think this will make you 100% safe.

If someone wants to take something, believe me, they will!
But just because something is do-able, doesn't make it right.

All graphics on this site (still and animated) have our embedded watermark. They are not public domain!

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