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Our Funny? Perhaps Cheesy? Yet, good, clean humor for kids ages 12 to adult.

Brownielocks Cartoons
Through the eyes of Brownielocks and The Three
(Teddy) Bears

 Where life is "Almost Just Right!"

Well, gosh shucks, oh bother.  We are not Winnie The Pooh! 
Not your classic bear, but cartoon bears for the new millennium

(New Cartoons Will Be Posted As Time Permits.)

We've got over 300 cartoons now!  See how we've changed through the years.

Our teddy bear cartoons album will be updated  with  our 2012 cartoons as they are made.

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Note: Unlike a lot of cartoons you have seen in the past and today, our cartoons are really digitally made on-line, giving them a rougher line due to the pixels.  They are drawn with a mouse (rather than a brush or pen)  and colored using a computer program called Paint Shop Pro.  Most of the cartoons you see are the originals, because they really do not exist on paper (except for a rough draft idea in some cases). 

project.gifOUR HOME MOVIES
(Animated Cartoons Short Subjects)

Surfing with the remote is a natural guy thing! Hang 2! Billy Learns to Channel Surf! (316K=17 frames) I would call this an " Almost Just Wright" sort of job. The Wright Bear but The Wrong Job!
(579 K= 20 frames)
If you can't find a girlfriend, well make one! SnowBabe (361K=21 frames) This was one of the hardest animations so far because Paws are not Fingers.  You have to wait to get it all loaded and in sync to get the essence of the mime. Billy in a Box!  (His Marcel Marceau Mime impersonation) (456K=18 frames)
If you can't find a girlfriend, well make one! Political Dance Instructions
(171K=9 frames)

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